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  • What time does church start?
    Empowerment Community Center promptly starts at 10 AM each Sunday.
  • How long does Sunday Worship Service last?
    Service is typically 60 to 90 minutes long. However, if the Holy Spirit moves us to extend we must yield to the move of the Holy Spirit.
  • How is the Empowerment Community Center environment?
    ECC is a non-denominational church that believes everyone should be able to worship in unison no matter your background. We have an open dress policy; where what makes you comfortable, as long as it is appropriate. God is love and we would love to have you.
  • Does Empowerment Community Center offer a bible-study class?
    Yes, we do! Every Wednesday we have an Hour of Power. This hour is used to dissect the bible and learn new ways to uplift the kingdom of God.
  • Do you conduct background checks for volunteers?
    We conduct background checks for any individual that will be working around children. Your children’s safety is our top priority.
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